Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.17, 2017

  • [Articles]Hong Tuoi Bui, Seiya Nagao*, Shinya Ochiai, Keisuke Fukushi, Akiko Goto, Takashi Hasegawa, Characterization ascertained from δ13C and Δ14C of particulate organic matter in surface water from a shallow and semi-closed Lake Kiba (PDF file 303kB)
    (Published on Web 3/22/2017)

  • [Articles]Masashi Kaneko, Masayuki Watanabe*, Sunao Miyashita, Satoru Nakashima, Roles of d- and f-orbital electrons in the complexation of Eu(III) and Am(III) ions with alkyldithiophosphinic acid and alkylphosphinic acid using scalar-relativistic DFT calculations (PDF file 393kB)
    (Published on Web 3/21/2017)

  • [Articles]Shigeru Yamauchi,* Yasuji Kurimotoa and Yoichi Sakai, Mössbauer Spectroscopic Characterization of Iron in Ashes Made from the Ancient Woods Excavated in the Foothills of Mt. Chokai (PDF file 291kB)
    (Published on Web 1/23/2017)