Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.10, No.1, 2009

  • [Articles] M. Mostafa, A. A. El-Sadek, H. El-Said, and M. A. El-Amir; (PDF file 602kB)
    99Mo/99mTc–113Sn/113mIn Dual Radioisotope Generator Based on 6-Tungstocerate(IV) Column Matrix
    (Published on Web 6/1/2009)

  • [Articles] Katsumi Shozugawa, Akihito Kuno, Hideki Miura, and Motoyuki Matsuo; (PDF file 330kB)
    57Fe Mössbauer Study of Specific Iron Species in the Antarctic Ocean Sediments
    (Published on Web 6/1/2009)

  • [Articles] R. Venkata Krishnan, G. Panneerselvam, P. Manikandan, M.P. Antony, and K. Nagarajan; (PDF file 899kB)
    Heat Capacity and Thermal Expansion of Uranium-Gadolinium Mixed Oxides
    (Published on Web 8/24/2009)

  • [Reviews] K.A. Venkatesan, T.G. Srinivasan, and P.R. Vasudeva Rao; (PDF file 378kB)
    A Review on the Electrochemical Applications of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids in Nuclear Fuel Cycle
    (Published on Web 6/1/2009)

  • [Reviews] Katsumi Hirose; (PDF file 727kB)
    Plutonium in the Ocean Environment: Its Distributions and Behavior
    (Published on Web 6/1/2009)