Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.4, No.1, 2003

  • [Review] S. Hoffman; (PDF file 831kB)
    Synthesis and Properties of Superheavy Elements
    (Published on Web 05/27/2003)

  • [Accounts] Keiko Tagami; (PDF file 538kB)
    Technetium-99 Behavior in the Terrestrial Environment -Field Observations and Radiotracer Experiments-
    (Published on Web 06/20/2003)

  • [Notes] Tsutomu Takayama,* Ryouji Koudo, Tsutomu Sekine, and Hiroshi Kudo; (PDF file 40kB)
    X-ray Crystallographic Determination of the Structure of trans-Dichloro[N,N'-ethylenebis-(3,5-dimethylsalicylideneiminato)]technetium(IV)
    (Published on Web 06/30/2003)

  • [Articles] Dalia Nayak and Susanta Lahiri; (PDF file 36kB)
    Sequential Separation of 61Cu, 62,63Zn, 66,67,68Ga, 71,72As, and 73Se Produced by Heavy Ion Activation on Cobalt Target
    (Published on Web 05/29/2003)

  • [Articles] Norikazu Kinoshita, Akihiko Yokoyama, and Takashi Nakanishib; (PDF file 90kB)
    Half-Life of Samarium-147
    (Published on Web 06/11/2003)

  • [Articles] Masahiko Osaka,*, Shin-ichi Koyama, and Toshiaki Mitsugashira; (PDF file 202kB)
    Analysis of Irradiated 237Np in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO for the Evaluation of its Transmutation Behavior in a Fast Reactor
    (Published on Web 06/30/2003)

  • [Articles] W. Sato,* Y. Kasamatsu,a Y. Ohkubo, A. Taniguchi, and A. Shinohara; (PDF file 130kB)
    Time-Differential Perturbed Angular Correlation of 140Ce Implanted in Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
    (Published on Web 06/30/2003)